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Pentair Pool Cleaner AquaBot 2500 Concept

Pentair AquaBot 2500 incorporates unique locomotion system, cleaning method, and multiple pivot points, which empower AquaBot 2500 with the ability to move to almost any spot in your pool, as well as climbing and cleaning stairs.


Once AquaBot 2500 deployed, it automatically recognizes debris and dirty spots, and starts making routine and performing cleaning tasks.


The intelligent positioning system that Pentair has developed will guide AquaBot 2500, and lead it back to its charging station when needed. Once it reaches the charging station, it is charged wirelessly via induction charging pad.


AquaBot 2500 is way more than a feeling-less machine that cleans your pool, it can also interact with you, your family members, and your friends.


With the unique locomotion system and multiple pivot points, it can give you double thumb-ups, swim with you, or even perform underwater push-ups.


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