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Every Part Deserves Your Attention

An mITX Case Design Proposal



A short video demonstrating how this case could work.


What you expect to see when you buy components


Are you seeing what you expected?


How about this?


Introducing ...


How about air cooling you may ask

  • No problem at al. 4 120mm/140mm fans, 2 80mm fans are supported at the same time;
  • Noctua NH-C14, one of the largest and best performing downward blowing CPU cooler, is supported with ease;




Every awesome looking aspect is right there.


For the "Red" team as well


2 3.5in harddrives are support in the back if running air cooling


If you need more than 450W power ...

  • Silverstone now offers 600W SFX power supply, fully modular and 80+ Gold rating;
  • And we can support 2 of them even though the purpose of doing it is still unclear;




If you need the window panel on the other side ...

  • The center metal core of this design is a square from side view;
  • all mouting points are identical from all sides;
  • meaning ...




Windowed panel can be on the right hand side


Or if you prefer "normal ATX" layout


Or if you prefer reversed "normal ATX" layout


SSD or similar sized devices can be mounted in multiple positions and directions, ...


... so sticker orientation OCD can be cured

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