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This is a series of video tutorials I recorded, demonstrating the general process of building in sailboat, featuring Skin, Rail and other frequently used tools in Autodesk Alias.


In this tutorial, red ring means left click, and blue one means right click. The recording software I use does not assign a color for middle click, but all the keystrokes and mouse clicks are shown in that little window called "OSD hotkey". If you miss any action, go back a few seconds and "OSD hokey" may have the information you missed.


Keep in mind, "OSD hotkey" sometimes does not update the new keystrokes, and sometimes does not display [space]. It cannot handle keystrokes so frequent for some reason. During trimming, if you see surfaces just disappear, I probably hit [space] and "OSD hotkey" does not display that.


You need to unpack this file to a folder, and set this folder as current in Alias. You may also need to go to


Choose top/front/back camera,

Image Planes\Image Plane Parameters\Image

Browse the image, and choose the proper image.


This tutorial is for educational demonstration purpose only. If you have commercial interest in it, please contact me first.



Part 1, Making Hull Using Skin Tool

In this part, I demonstrate:

  • how to capture hull shapes using CV Curves;
  • how to quickly duplicate a curve and adjust it to fit different sections;
  • how to use reference curve to adjust the last CV on each section curve;
  • how to fine tune a skinned surface with the benefit of construction history in Alias;



Part 2, Making Deck and Rail

In this part, I demonstrate:

  • how to draft a surface to form the deck;
  • how to intersect and trim surfaces;
  • how to duplicate and offset a curve from a surface edge and use add CV to extend this curve;
  • how to use extrude to make the rail;
  • how to utilize snap divisions and tubular offset tool to quickly add vertical bar to the rail;



Part 3, Making Centerboard and Fins

In this part, I demonstrate:

  • how to use revolve tool to make balancer;
  • how to use birail (2 rails 2 generations) tool to make centerboard and fins;
  • how to utilize intersect, trim and round tools with multiple radii to make smooth transition;



Part 4, Making Cabin and Cabin Hood

In this part, I construct cabin and cabin hood with a few frequently used tools: draft, birail, intersect, trim and round tool.



Part 5, Making Mast, Boom and Front Boom

In this part, I demonstrate:

  • how to use round tool strategically to represent details on the boom, mast, how they interact, how mast interacts with cabin, and how front boom interacts with hull;
  • how to use freeform blend tool when round tool cannot achieve the desired result;
  • how to utilize intersect, trim and round tool with multiple radii to make smooth transition;



Part 6, Making Sails and Ropes

In this part, I demonstrate:

  • how to use birail tool to make sails;
  • how to use birail and trim tools to make a triangular sail while maintaining a 4 sided surface;
  • how to use tubular offset tool to quickly add ropes as details;



Part 7, Making Crew Pit and Cabin Entrance

In this part, I use draft, intersect, trim and round tools to quickly add details to the crew pit and cabin area;


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